Do you happen to work with a lot of hand tools? Does your toolbox have an adjustable crowfoot wrench? If it doesn’t, let me tell you something, you are missing out on a great tool for your work.

Adjustable Crowfoot Wrench

After you have read through this discussion, you will know all the good and bad of an adjustable crowfoot wrench. Before you even read the whole thing, I am assuring you that you will add this tool to your toolbox right away.

Why am I saying this? Well, you will find that out very soon. Let’s get going.

What is an adjustable crowfoot wrench?

A crowfoot wrench is a tool that can make your life a lot easier. It’s a kind of wrench that can fit into the side of a nut or a bolt. At first glance, it would look like a box end wrench or an open-end wrench. If you take out the handle of a box-end wrench, you will end up with something like this.

This one is a bit different than the regular wrenches in functionality and purposes. It can help you reach tight angles and work with smaller parts with ease. Now, this is just one of the many benefits you can get from this one. But, the basic use of adjustable crow feet is pretty much reaching tough areas with a wrench.

You have probably figured out where you can use this. That’s right; it’s a great tool for working on bikes and cars. As there are very tricky areas, you can’t reach with a regular wrench. If you are wondering how to use it, then look no further. Now, I will take you through using an adjustable crowfoot wrench step by step.

How to use an adjustable crowfoot wrench step-by-step guide?

Before you go right into it, let me suggest you something. If you choose to work with a crowfoot wrench, you should make it an attachment to your other wrenches. The preferable one would be a torque wrench.

Using the crowfoot wrench is a lot easier than you think. You can get a lot of use from it when you follow the proper method. And, here’s how you do it.

Now, here I just walked you through one type of crowfoot wrench. This one is based on the adjustability factor. There are some variations of crowfoot wrenches. Let’s check them out.

Types of Crowfoot Wrenches:

Here are the different types of crowfoot wrenches you may come across-

Advantages of adjustable crowfoot wrench:

This is the part where things will make sense to anyone out there. What are the benefits of using crowfoot wrenches? And why am I going on and on about it? Well, here are the reasons-

  • Access to tight spaces: In comparison to the usual wrenches, you can access extremely tight angles with a crowfoot wrench. An adjustable crowfoot wrench ½” drive can be of a lot of help when you are working in tight spaces.
  • Makes it easy to work with soft materials: Whenever you are working with soft materials, this can be a great addition to your toolbox. With a thin crowfoot wrench, you can tighten or loosen nuts and bolts without damaging them.
  • Easy to carry: Instead of carrying a whole toolbox of wrenches, you can do this with just a ratchet and a crowfoot wrench.

  • Saves money: You can save up a lot of money if you buy an adjustable crowfoot wrench as you will get different sizes of wrenches in one pack.

  • Saves time: With an adjustable crowfoot wrench, you don’t have to spend time replacing wrenches for the perfect size and angle. You can reposition and measure the perfect angle.

Disadvantages of adjustable crowfoot wrench:

Before I even begin to describe the drawbacks of the crowfoot wrench, I would say it’s worth it. The benefits outweigh the drawback by a lot.

  • One drawback of a crowfoot wrench is the need for constant repositioning.
  • One drawback of a crowfoot wrench is the need for constant repositioning.

  • It takes a bit of practice and works with a crowfoot wrench perfectly.

As you can see, these drawbacks are nothing compared to all the upsides you get from them.


Here are some common questions regarding crowfoot wrenches-

Ans: Getting a crowfoot wrench is worth it. It can save up a lot of your time, effort, and extra money. Also, it helps you save up some space in your toolbox.
Ans: No, considering all the benefits you get from them, they are not expensive. They usually tend to have reasonable pricing.
Ans: To use a crowfoot wrench, you have to set the head of the wrench first. Then you have to put the wrench into the bolt. Then you torque the bolt. After every turn, you make with the crowfoot, reposition it. You have to follow the first three steps.
Ans: The main purpose of using a crowfoot wrench is to access tight areas. These wrenches allow you to access areas that you can’t access with regular wrenches. Also, you can work through different obstacles using a crowfoot wrench.


All in all, getting to those tough angles won’t be so tough anymore. With an adjustable crowfoot wrench, you can get anywhere to loosen up the nuts and bolts. You can be certain that buying getting an adjustable wrench will be worth every penny you pay. Now, which one you buy is up to you. I hope this helps you in getting some information on crowfoot wrenches. I tell you, this is too good to miss out on.

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