Fan Clutch Wrench Uses & Benefits.

Do you work with car engines? Then you must have felt the need for a fan clutch tool somewhere down the line. It’s a great tool to have for removing the cooling fan and the clutch from the engine.

And if you don’t know about a fan clutch wrench, then I have got you covered. I will take you through a complete overview of the tool. By the end of this article, you will know about the benefits and drawbacks of using a fan clutch wrench.
Without wasting further time, let’s get going with it.

Fan Clutch Wrench

What is a fan clutch wrench?

A fan clutch wrench is excellent, too, when you want to work on an engine. It makes removing the cooling fan and clutch you get in the front part of an engine very easy. Usually, it goes around the nuts holding the pulley and keeps it stable, while the other wrench removes the fan clutch.

Now, using this tool can be a bit tricky. It comes with a pivoting arm that makes the wrench a bit hard to control. So, you will have to spend some time using it and learning the movements of the wrench.

Fan Clutch Wrench

Image: Fan Clutch Wrench

What makes this different from other wrenches is its working mechanism. You don’t get to see that pivoting movement in most wrenches. Also, the purpose of this wrench is strictly working with cooling fan removal and engine clutch.

How to use the wrench?

Before you go ahead and start using the wrench, know that it won’t be easy for the first time. You will need to keep working with it to get the hang of it. Let’s get started with the steps of using this wrench.

Image: How to Use Fan Clutch Wrench

Finding the bolts:

First of all, you have to pop up the hood of your car. Then you have to find the pulley where they mount the fan clutch. On that pulley, you will see some bolts.

Slotting the wrench:

Now, use your fan clutch wrench to slot the wrench on one of the nuts; after that comes the tricky part of using this wrench. You have to place the pivoting arm in such a way that it falls in the other nut closest to the slotted one. This helps in keeping the nuts held in a place.

Removing the fan clutch from the engine:

In this step, you will have to find the hex-head shaft of your fan clutch. Then, set the wrench of the fan clutch tool on the shaft of your fan clutch. Now, this part is essential.

You have to loosen the clutch slowly using the wrench. But while you do that, you have to make sure the tool is stable. If the device slips away from the nuts, then you have to slot them again. You can do that by turning it over again, or you can pinch the two parts of the tool with your hands.

Once you loosen the clutch completely, it should come out of the engine without any issues. And that’s how you use this tool.
As you can see, it’s not that difficult to understand how the tool works. But when it comes to using it, you will need some practice in keeping the two parts of the tool stable. It’s a bit tricky, considering it has pivoting arms.

Advantages of using a fan clutch wrench:

Well, there are several advantages you get from using a fan clutch wrench. Aside from the fact that it’s the best tool for fan clutch removal, here are some other benefits to this.

  • Using a fan clutch wrench makes working with a fan clutch much easier and quicker. It’s much more efficient this way. If you keep your fan clutch untouched, you may face overheating engine issues. And if you already don’t know, this is the worst kind of problem to face with any car engine.
  • Another purpose of using a fan clutch wrench is to get your cooling fan working normally. When you do that, it eliminates any kinds of problems with the temperature of your car engine. So, when you get a fan clutch wrench, you can quickly remedy the faulty temperature issues.
  • Since using a fan clutch wrench makes the fan clutch removal so easy, you can opt for regular checkups as well. This opens up the options for evaluating your fan clutch performance every once in a while.
  • Using any other tool to remove the fan clutch will take time and involve very complicated processes. With this one, once you master its use, it becomes the easiest thing to use for any engine repair work.

Put, when it’s about removing a fan clutch, there is no better tool than this one. The advantages are too good not to use this tool, primarily if you work with car engines.

Disadvantages of using a fan clutch wrench:

To be honest, there aren’t any disadvantages with a fan clutch wrench functionally. But when it comes to the overall value of this tool, there are some disadvantages you might come across.

  • The first one is that it’s not easy to use the tool as a beginner. You will need to practice and learn the proper usage method of this tool.
  • Secondly, it only serves the purpose of working with a fan clutch wrench. You can’t use this wrench for any other purpose.


Here are some common questions regarding fan clutch wrench-

It’s worth getting a fan clutch wrench if you do repair work for your engine yourself. Also, if you do it often, then you should get a fan clutch wrench as it’s the best tool for the purpose. Otherwise, it’s not that crucial to get a fan clutch wrench.
Yes, you can use other regular wrenches to remove your fan clutch. However, it will be much harder and time-consuming to do the same thing.


All in all, there aren’t a lot of fan clutch wrench uses to be found out there. But it’s indeed is a pretty handy tool when you work with the more simple and fan clutch of a car engine. It’s a must-have tool if you want to do the fan removal quicker and easier. Also, after the initial learning phase of the tool, it just becomes the best thing to work on your engine fan clutch.

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