Push Pin Plier Uses and Benefits.

When it comes to automobiles, you may need to deal with many push pins. These push pins are secure for holding anything they are used for. Now, the difficulty comes when you have to remove these push pins.

However, that’s not the case when using a push pin plier. You can use push pin pliers to remove those push pins on your vehicle without any trouble at all. If you have no idea how this works and why you should consider it, I am here to help you.

I will go through the process of using this plier and give you a little look into the benefits and drawbacks of the thing. So, if you are wondering about pushpin pliers, stick with me till the end.

Push Pin Plier

Image: Push Pin Plier

What is Push Pin Plier?

This is a kind of plier that you can use to remove push pins from your vehicle instantly. It doesn’t take too much work or time to remove the pins. If you have worked with push pins, you already know how troublesome it can be to remove them.

Using this plier, all your troubles will go away. No need to worry about the usage process as it’s pretty simple. So, let’s check out how you use a pushpin plier.

How to use a push pin plier step by step?

To use a push pin plier, you don’t need to go through considerations like size or a particular shape. As they are already prepared for the purpose, you can simply use the tool to remove the push pins. And the best part is you don’t need any preparation to do the job either.

Here are the steps you need to follow for using a push pin plier –

  • First, you need to uncover wherever the push pins are located.
  • After that, simply get your push pin plier and place it in the indented parts around the push pins.
  • Simply get the pliers’ jaws together, and it should remove the push pins from their slot.
  • Finally, you can either use the plier or your fingers to pull out the push pins.

Yes, it’s that simple. You won’t have to struggle or spend hours removing them. Also, you won’t damage the push pins in any way when you use the pushpin plier.

Advantages of Using a Push Pin Plier:

Now, when it comes to using a push pin plier, you get several benefits from a pushpin plier. Especially if you have to work with push pins in your vehicle, this can be a permanent tool in your automobile toolkit.

Let’s check out the benefits that you get from the tool.

Saves Uptime:

If you have ever worked with push pins, you will see a significant difference in the time between using a plier and not using one. It makes the whole thing so much quicker than you can even imagine. You can remove the pins in the blink of an eye with a push pin plier.

It doesn’t cause any damage:

When you use the pushpin plier to remove the pins, there is no way to damage the pins or the anchor of the pins. On the other hand, using other tools or mediums for removing them can be a bit risky. You may end up damaging the pins and may even break them at times.


You won’t even feel what you did with a push-pin plier. Removing any push pins from anywhere becomes very much easier. You won’t have to put in a lot of force or try different things to remove the pins. It’s just placing the plier and removing the pins with a snap.

Can reach tough areas:

There are some pushpin pliers available there that you can use to reach tough spots. They are great to reach the push pins that aren’t within your reach, or you can’t use other tools to reach them. In those cases, pushpin pliers come in pretty handy.

With these advantages, they are indeed worth looking into a bit more. However, some things may be a little negative about these pliers. So, before getting one, you should be aware of those as well.

Disadvantages of the Push Pin Plier:

There aren’t many negatives to talk about push pin pliers, but some are to be aware of. Let’s go through them quickly.

Not versatile:

While the primary purpose of push pin pliers is to remove push pins, you can’t use them for other different purposes. Even though the shape may seem like you can do a lot of kinds of stuff, it truly doesn’t offer that many functionalities.

Aren’t very available:

These tools aren’t that available, especially if you consider local hardware shops. Yes, you can find quite a lot of them online. Still, they aren’t the most available unit to find out there.

As you can see, these aren’t truly any drawbacks when you need a push pin plier for your purpose. These won’t be of any trouble when using and getting a push pin plier.


Here are some common questions people ask regarding push-pin pliers. Let’s go through them quickly.

  • Is there a variety in sizes for push pin pliers?
    Yes, you can find many varieties in the pushpin pliers’ sizes. There are typically two different areas, each plier from the other. One is the angle of the jaw at the end. And the other one is the length of the jaws for your plier.
  • Are push pin pliers necessary, or are there alternatives?
    Push pin pliers may not be an absolute necessity, and you may find other alternatives. However, they may have issues like taking time and effort and damaging the pins. These aren’t worthwhile for removing push pins. So, it would help if you got a push pin plier anyways as they aren’t that expensive.


In short, if you happen to work with many pushpins, I highly recommend getting a pushpin plier. The experience of using them for the first time in removing the push pins will be life-changing. You will surely love it, and this may even become your permanent tool in the toolkit for removing push pins.

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