42 Different Types of Wrenches and Their Uses.

When it comes to fixing anything, mechanical wrenches have a lot to contribute in that aspect. While you may only know about the most common types of wrenches, several other types go unnoticed. So, that’s what we will be unveiling today.

There are so many different types of wrenches out there that you might not even know of. For the basic types, you get to see either male wrenches or female wrenches.

The male wrenches are the ones that you usually insert somewhere, almost like a screwdriver. And the female wrenches are more like sockets that fit over nuts or bolts.

Now, aside from these basic ones, there are so many distinctive wrenches for specific purposes. Let’s check them out one by one.

Types of Wrenches and Their Uses

I have divided all these wrenches into two parts. You will get 15 standard wrenches and 27 specialized wrenches that you should know for specific purposes. Let’s get going then.

15 common types of Wrenches

These are the wrenches that you will typically find everywhere, and their use is pretty common throughout different sectors.

Types of Wrenches

1. Pipe Wrench:

Pipe wrenches are usually a type of adjustable wrench that you can use for tightening or loosening pipes. It has got an F shape design with an adjustable gap where you can put the lines on.

Pipe Wrench

Image: Pipe Wrench

This kind of wrench is mainly used in plumbing work with metal pipes.

2. Chain Wrench

Chain wrenches are pretty similar to pipe wrenches and work the same way. Only they are a bit easier to adjust, and the sizes are more flexible than other types of wrenches.

Chain Wrench

Image: Chain Wrench

You usually see a chain attached to a metal rod that you can use for tightening or loosening stuff. The use of this wrench is very much versatile.

3. Socket Wrench

To work with different sizes and types of sockets, you must have specific socket wrenches. It’s the only tool that you can use for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts with a socket shape.

Socket Wrench

Image: Socket Wrench

This wrench is used in a lot of mechanical repairs, almost anything that uses sockets.

4. Torque Wrench

This one is a kind of socket wrench with some special abilities of torque calibration. It allows you to tighten or loosen within a proper amount and not too much.

Torque Wrench

Image: Torque Wrench

It is primarily used in automobile mechanics for tightening or loosening the wheel lug nuts. This wrench makes it very quick to work with any object.

5. Ratcheting Wrench

Ratcheting wrenches are great for using when you don’t want to remove the wrench every time you tighten or loosen anything.

Ratcheting Wrench

Image: Ratcheting Wrench

With this wrench, you can work on tight areas, especially when fixing up your car engine or bicycle or maybe even working with pipes.

6. Oil Filter Wrench

Oil filter is a special kind of wrench for repairing cars mainly. They come in 4 styles that have their unique purposes.

Oil Filter Wrench

Image: Oil Filter Wrench

Most of the time, these wrenches have compatibility in question. You will have to get a wrench based on the brand of car you have. They serve a specific purpose, so you can’t use them for versatility.

7. Combination Wrench

Combination wrenches are a combination of two wrench types that you usually use. It has got that box-ended wrench, one on the side and the open-ended wrench on the other side.

Combination Wrench

Image: Combination Wrench

It is excellent for having the facility of two types of wrenches on one. And these are the most basic types of wrenches that have a lot of use.

8. Adjustable Wrench

The most common and popular types of wrenches you get to see are adjustable wrenches. Almost every household has one, and it’s very versatile at the same time.

Locking Pliers

Image: Adjustable Wrench

You can use this type of wrench to fix almost anything related to nuts. And the best part is this is adjustable to different sizes, so one wrench is enough for multiple purposes.

9. Impact Wrench

When removing a car’s tires, you have to go through so many nuts and sockets. The process gets much easier with an electrical air impact wrench.

Impact Wrench

Image: Impact Wrench

This wrench looks more like a drill that you can use for removing or tightening nuts very quickly.

10. Crowfoot Wrench

Crowfoot Wrench is a wrench people use for working on very tight angles, especially in the automotive industry. It is an open-end wrench with a slot for an attachment.

Crowfoot Wrench

Image: Crowfoot Wrench

You can attach a ratchet handle or any socket extension on that slot to suit your need for this wrench.

11. Allen Wrench

You may have already seen this type of wrench. An Allen wrench is usually a male-type wrench that works more like a screwdriver. You can insert it into a socket and then tighten or loosen the mechanism.

Allen Wrench

Image: Allen Wrench

Usually, this is used in various mechanical items. Widespread use of this wrench is done in bicycles. Also, a lot of different machines tend to use this type of socket as well.

12. Box Ended Wrench

To work on bolts with a square or hexagonal shape, you need to use a box-ended wrench. It has got rounded ends on both sides where you will be inserting the nuts.

Box Ended Wrench

Image: Box Ended Wrench

You can use this wrench to remove various types of nuts that you may see in heavy types of machinery. You will have to use the proper size to get the results.

13. Lug Wrench

A lug wrench is mainly used for replacing or removing car tires. They usually have an L shape or an X shape. With the X shape lug wrench, you get four different sizes of sockets on the four other ends.

Lug Wrench

Image: Lug Wrench

The working mechanism of this wrench is quite interesting as well. If you use a longer lug wrench, you get more torque that helps apply a lot of force.

14. Open Ended Wrench

On an open-ended wrench, you get to see two “U” shape ends where you can fit the nuts. It’s the most standard type of wrench you can get in mechanical shops.

Open Ended Wrench

Image: Open-Ended Wrench

The purpose of this wrench is to loosen or tighten hard-to-reach bolts with ease. Also, both the ends have different sizes, so that you can work on two dimensions of bolts with a single wrench.