Best Bail Making Pliers Reviews 2023.

Are you planning to make your Jewelry out of different metals? Then you should check out some bail making pliers that can help you in that job.

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There are lots of options you can find in either local stores or online. But will all of them work for your needs?

Well, the answer is no. That’s why I am here with some of the best pliers you can use for bending metal wires to shape them as jewelry pieces. You can also use these for other wire bending purposes. Without wasting further time, let’s get going with it right away.


Bail Making Pliers

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Buying Guide for Jewelry Making Pliers:

Before I dive deep into the products, you should know about some considering factors and uses of bail making pliers . You should check out these factors to decide on a particular plier based on your need. So, let’s go through the factors you should consider in a plier to make Jewelry.

Plier Joint:

In most cases, you will come across two types of joints in pliers. They can be box joints, or they can be lap joints. With a box joint plier, you will have a sturdy construction and precision in the alignment. They don’t have any loose parts, which makes them very stable to work with.

On the other hand, lap joint pliers are very easy to make, and they aren’t as sturdy as box joints. It makes them a bit lost, and you will have a hard time working with them. They are also cheaper than box-joint pliers, which may be a reason many people buy them.

So, you should always get pliers with joint box construction if you want to bend metal wires and make Jewelry.


You can choose from two different types of metal options for your plier. They come in hardened carbon steel and stainless steel. Well, stainless steel is excellent for its resistance to rust which makes them a popular choice. You can use them even in places with too much moisture without worrying too much.

As for hardened carbon steel, they are very tough and heavily built, so that you can rely on these for durability. Also, if you have to bend harder metals, then this can be a great pick.
Here, you can pick either of them as both the materials have their perks.


There is a variety in sizes for the pliers you can get to make pieces of Jewelry. Which size you choose will depend on what your purpose is with the plier. You can get a large, heavyweight plier if you want to work on heavy metals like memory wire. Other than that, it’s better to have smaller pliers with lighter weight.

The efficiency you get from using lightweight pliers makes a huge difference in performance. So, unless you are working on memory wire or heavy metals, go for a smaller lightweight plier.


It is one of the most important considerations to make before buying a plier for jewelry making. In typical pliers, you must have a good grip. Without you, a good grip on the plier handles, you will come across many problems.

For the grip, you should always lean towards foam grip regardless of their high price. Foam grips are much more comfortable and give you decent traction. Because of their softness, you can work on Jewelry for long hours without any discomfort at all.

Once you consider all these factors, you should realize which plier works the best for your needs. Now, let’s check out some of the best ones to ease out your decision even further.

Top 10 jewelry pliers you can get out there:

All the pliers I am about to discuss here have excellent quality and value to them. The one you choose will come down to your personal preference of the features you need from them. So, let’s get started-

1. Beadsmith Bail Making Pliers, Wire Bending Pliers for Loops & Jump Rings



When you look for quality at a reasonable price, this is a plier you will love to have. It’s the best overall plier you can get for making Jewelry. Whether it’s handy features, or quality material, or affordable price, this one offers you all of them.

The excellence of this plier starts with its capability to create loops in 6 different sizes. This way, you can achieve your desired results in different sizes and make a piece of unique Jewelry out of a normal metal wire.

For the build quality of the plier, you are sure to end up with a great plier. It has got high-quality material that has a polished finishing on top. It has a lap joint construction, making it a bit shaky, but it’s still manageable.

Something to love about this plier is its extreme comfortability in the handles. You can work using this for hours without any fatigue to your arms. Also, the handles are pretty sturdy, so that they will last for a long time without any doubt.

  • There are six different sizing options.
  • It has got good build quality.
  • The handles on this one are comfortable.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • You get good durability out of this one.
  • You can’t use it for heavy work due to lap joint.
  • It’s hard to make larger loops with thinner wires.