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Best Groove Joint Pliers Set Reviews 2023.

Groove joint pliers are a very common tool in an electrician, a construction worker, or a plumber toolbox.

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A good set of groove joint pliers can make your job easier and more time-efficient. However, choosing the right set of pliers according to your budget and need is not an easy job since there are tons of options available in the market right now.

All of them are good in terms of quality or not suitable for your work or your budget. To help you, after hours of research and considering over 30 sets of some of the most popular options in the market, we have narrowed it down to the 10 best groove joint pliers in the market.

We also answered some of the most asked groove joint pliers and a buying guide to help you choose the right groove joint pliers with the product review. So keep reading to know all about groove joint pliers and find the suitable one for yourself.


Groove Joint Pliers Set

Picture: Use of Groove Joint Plier

Buying Guide:

Before we get to the review part, you might be wondering about the criteria we followed in selecting the products discussed above. First, you have to understand that, like any product, for groove joint pliers, there are some factors that you should always consider to choose the right one from the piles of different options.

In this buying guide section, we tried to break down every criterion that we followed to narrow down this list and tell you how each factor plays a vital role in choosing the right groove joint pliers. So let’s jump right into it.


Groove joint pliers are usually used to turn and hold different objects or nuts and bolts in various workplaces, especially in plumbing work, mechanical purposes, and automotive workshops. Whichever field you work on, with a groove joint plier with good performance, can get your job done very easily.

What do we mean by performance here? The best way to check how a groove joint plier will perform is to check the jaw size, angel, and handle length. Pliers with bigger jaws will make gripping bigger objects easier, and longer handles will provide more leverage to turn the gripping object.

Ease of Use:

An important factor that we tend to forget very easily is the ease of use. Yes, we need something in our budget, we want good quality material and good performance. Still, we also need to ensure that working with the groove joint pliers also gives us comfort and a smooth work experience.

Consider the size you might need for comfortable use. Usually, a 6-inch groove joint pliers should do the trick with smaller objects, and the size gets big, usually up to 12.5 inches.

Try to find a groove joint plier that is lightweight, well-balanced, and compact at the same time. First of all, both the handles need to have an ergonomic design. Make sure the handle provides a good grip and has a rubber cover to use most of your strength without hurting your fingers or slipping from your hand.

Build Quality:

This is another equally important aspect of choosing a good groove joint plier set. The first aspect of understanding the build quality of durability is to understand the materials first. Carbon-iron hybrid, steel alloy of hardened steel are some of the most common materials that different manufacturers used.

Any of these materials should be enough to build a durable piece of groove joint plier. In addition, good build quality will allow your groove joint pliers to withstand extensive pressure from different jobs and prevent wearing off. Another indication of good build quality is rust and corrosion-resistant coating, so don’t forget to check that out too.


A grove joint plier is not something we want to buy very frequently, so we need to check out if it’s durable enough to become a long-term investment. There are many price categories to choose from, whether you have a low budget or you can spend a hefty amount to get the absolute best groove joint pliers.

Don’t worry if you are on a tighter budget; there are some excellent options on both the higher and lower end of the spectrum. Just don’t judge a product by the price and consider if the product’s quality and performance are giving you the best value. Then, choose wisely according to your budget.

Our Top Picks:

Considering the factors we just discussed, we compile his list of the 10 best groove range pliers in the business. So whether you are a professional or want a plier for home DIY projects or have a limited budget, there are products on our list that can fit every requirement.

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Groove Lock Pliers Set (2-Piece)



First up on our list is these groove joint pliers from Irwin. Their VISE-GRIP plier set consists of two different sized pliers, an 8-inch and a 10-inch one, respectively. Each of these groove joint pliers features allows you to grip any flat, round, hex, or square-shaped objects.

High-quality metal is used to build these particular pliers to withstand all kinds of heavy usage. To adjust the lower jaw for faster locking, there is a press and slide button with each of the pliers. This button allows 2x faster lock than any traditional groove joint pliers in the market.

With the wider groove position, this pliers set will let you have a more efficient hand position for maximum leverage. In addition, it’s a ratcheting action plier so, you can have the advantage of adjusting the jaws from an open position and have a better grip on the workpieces.

Also, the handles have a non-slip anti-pinch to deliver a smooth and risk-free work experience. The soft textures ProGrip will allow you to work without any hand fatigue for a long time.

Whether you are a professional or a home DIYer, these pliers set has all the right qualities to make your job easier and more efficient.

  • Durable structure made of metal.
  • Non-slip, anti-pinch grip.
  • Ratcheting action for convenient adjustment.
  • Press-n-Slide button for easier lock.
  • Not electrically rated.

2. CRAFTSMAN Groove Joint Pliers Set (2-piece)



If you want to take your work experience with the groove joint pliers to the next level, you might want to check out these pliers set from CRAFTSMAN. Starting with the build, these pliers set is made of high-quality drop-forged steel. No matter how or where you want to use these pliers set, we ensure you these pliers will back you up with the durability and strength you need.

Each plier set has two pliers inside, with two different-sized groove joints so you can maximize its usage depending on the working piece’s size. For a better and more accurate grip, Craftsman has their unique precision-machined jaw capable of holding on to any shape tightly without sleeping off.

In addition to all these great features, the grip is another neat feature of this pliers set, each of the pliers has a multi-zone bi-material grip for the best grip and prevent slipping from your hand. The pliers have the perfect shape to fit in your hand and allow you to use all the strength you need.

Lastly, Craftsman is giving a lifetime warranty if anything goes wrong with the pliers. What more can someone ask for from a set of pliers! So if you are looking forward to combining your skill with a good groove joint pliers set, this is the one pliers set to go for.

  • The grips are very comfortable.
  • Perfect shape and balanced weight.
  • Two different sized plier to perform various tasks.
  • Good value for money.
  • Quality material.
  • You may need a break-in period.

3. CHANNELLOCK Straight Jaw Tongue and Groove Pliers Set (3 Piece)



Channellock’s GS-3 is another great pliers set consisting of 3 different sized pliers, respectively one 6. 5″, one 9. 5″ & the biggest one, 12″. The body of these pliers is made from high carbon steel to ensure the use of a lifetime. There is a special coating too on the pliers that prevent any rust buildup.

The jaws of each plier are heat treated so that they don’t break under stress and have a good wide grip on the workpiece. To further ensure the grip, there is a feature called a permalock fastener to minimize the chance of grip failure.

Design-wise, the pliers are nothing fancy, but they’ll get your job done with excellent efficiency. In addition, they look pretty neat with a simple blue rubber-coated handle. The pliers are slim and lightweight, too, so they fit perfectly in hand, and you have an easy and balance experience using them.

The grips may look straightforward and not as thick as other pliers, but a lot of work has been put in to make the handles like this, and the effectiveness and comfort provided are no less than its competitors. Just add these grove joint pliers in your toolbox, and they will change the way you used this tool and handled your work.

  • Permalock fastener for minimum grip failure.
  • Laser treated jaws.
  • Simple yet effective grips.
  • Special rust prevention coating.
  • The 12 inch one tends to get stuck on the widest setting.

TEKTON Groove Joint Pliers Set (3-Piece)



This Tekton groove joint pliers set comes with three durable and useful pieces of different sized pliers to get you the experience and versatility you desire from this pliers set. The pliers are made of quality steel alloy to work under heavy pressure. In addition, they have a slim and practical design to fit in your hand easily and get your job done with precision.

Each of the pliers in the set has rubberized non-slip handles to help you get a better grip. You can use them for both home maintenance or professional-grade work. The handle will be comfy and provide you enough grip for different situations.

These pliers also have a well-constructed undercut tongue and groove interlock system. What this interlock system does is, when you get a firm bit on your workpiece, the jaws get locked in so that the plier doesn’t slip or get separated under maximum stress.

Overall, this is a great plier set usable for different projects. You will be satisfied using it for both professional grade work and home DIY projects.

  • Groove interlock system for better grip.
  • Slim slip-resistant handle grips.
  • Made of quality steel alloy.
  • Three different jaw capacities for a wide range of projects.
  • Price could have been a little lower.

5. WORKPRO Groove Joint Pliers Set (3-Piece)



This WORKPRO plier set is an excellent balance package that can handle different types of tasks. There are three jaw sizes, an 8-Inch, a 10-Inch, and a 12-Inch one. So the set as a whole can be beneficial to accomplish a more versatile workload.

All the pliers in the set are made using high-quality chrome vanadium, so they are sturdy enough to be dependent on for the most demanding tasks. As for the jaw, the grip that these pliers provide is impressive. With straight jaws of different sizes, you can easily hold onto different shapes of nuts, bolts, or pipes. Also, it won’t sleep any matter pressure you apply on it because of the good grip.

The pliers have soft rubberized handles on the handle part to give you a good grip without hurting your hand. In addition, they are perfectly shaped to fit in your hand, which is helpful when you need to use these pliers all day long.

With this groove joint pliers set, you have the option to pick one according to the job at hand. It has all the right qualities to become a great addition to your toolbox.

  • Super durable build with chrome vanadium steel.
  • Comfortable, rubberized handle with good grip.
  • Versatility to work on different projects.
  • Meets ANSI standards.
  • Size adjusting may seem a bit stiff at first.

6. Olympia Tools Groove Joint Pliers Set (2-Piece)



This groove joint plier set from Olympia comes with an 8 inch and a 10-inch groove joint plier. These pliers have a drop forged alloy steel construction, making them perfect for high-stress professional works in different fields like construction, woodworking plumbing, or even home use.

With the plier’s precision hardened teeth, you can easily use it to grab anything shaped irregularly with any chance of slipping when you get the bite on your workpiece. The groove channels get locked in on that object, allowing you to apply all the force you need without any grip failure.

The ergonomic grip is another good addition to the features of this pliers set. They are slip-resistant and comfortable at the same time, so you can work with them all day without even feeling anything with your hand. The black grips also look great and go with the overall aesthetics of the plier.

If you want to up your game both at work or at home, this is pliers set you should check out this groove joint pliers set from Olympia.

  • Groove channel for better locks on any object.
  • Precision hardened teeth for better grip.
  • Professional grade quality at a lower price.
  • Perfect for a wide range of projects.
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle.
  • Some manufactures offer one extra piece of plier in the same price range.

7. MAXPOWER Adjustable Groove Joint Pliers Set (3-Piece)



This pliers set from MAXPOWER features three pliers with different jaw sizes: one 8-inch, one 10-inch, and the largest 12.5-inch.

These pliers offer a relatively simple operation with the minimum force needed, thanks to their adjustable jaw positions. You can clamp on any object, whether a bolt, nut, or a pipe, and lock that in without any effort. After that, apply pressure in the direction you want and get done with your job. The grip on objects is pretty firm with the jaws because of the precision cut teeth.

The pliers in this set are made of quality steel alloy that offers excellent durability. No matter how heavy-duty the job you are doing, it can withstand all with ease. Handle grips are okay for the price, and they provide a good grip on your hand.

Warranty is a fair indication to determine if a product is long-lasting or not. With these pliers set, MAXPOWER is offering a lifetime warranty for any defects. In addition, to carry or store the pliers set conveniently, it comes with a roll-up canvas pouch, which is another extra feature available with very few groove joint pliers set in the market.

  • Roll-up canvas pouch for easier transport and storage.
  • Simple operation with adjustable jaws.
  • Lifetime warranty for any defects.
  • Three different jaw size options for a versatile operation.
  • The grips on the handles are pretty thin and not suitable for long time use.

8. Crescent Straight Jaw Tongue and Groove Pliers Set (3-Piece)



Made out of high-quality steel alloy, this set is excellent for handling twisting, fastening, and gripping jobs. On top of that, the black oxide finishes on each of the pliers to prevent rust and corrosion.

The pliers’ jaws have a self-locking system to provide you the ultimate grip and overall control for delicate projects. The slim design and longer jaws let it fits perfectly in your hand, and you get to work with it in squeezed spaces.

Unlike other microwave covers, it has a mesh design that keeps the food moist, reduces cooking time, and allows the food to vent the steam away, preparing healthy food. In addition, this splatter screen is completely flat and flexible. The plastic dots by the edges are just heavy enough to hold the screen in place.

Finally, the grip on the handle is excellent, too; credit goes to the non-slip rubber grips on both handles of the pliers. In addition, the handles are longer than usual pliers to give you the most leverage possible. Overall, the handles and grip combined allow you to have a solid and steady grab helping you to use your maximum strength and get the job done quicker.

If you are looking for an all-around groove joint pliers set to complete your toolbox assembly, this set from Crescent can be a great choice for you.

  • Longer than usual handles for more leverage
  • Black oxide finish preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Simple yet effective grips..
  • Special rust prevention coating..
  • May get stiff after every few days.

9. GEARWRENCH Tongue and Groove Joint Pliers Set (3-Piece)



This GEARWRENCH groove joint pliers set is one of those handful sets that offer the best quality and work experience without compromising any aspect of a good plier. This groove joint pliers set may cost a little more than other entries on the list, but its features are worth the extra money for sure.

The groove pliers are forged from chrome vanadium steel that explains its high-performance and long-term usage. Because of the high-quality build material, this pliers set just sails through extensive under-stress use and prevent any premature wear-off.

If your job requires you to work in tight spaces with your groove plier, these pliers set can come in handy with its long jaws and thin head.

Good grip and an easy adjustment system are the two things we expect from any good groove joint pliers, and this particular set we are reviewing here really excels in both these areas.

The v-jaws are induction heated, making the jaws more durable to withstand any amount of pressure, and the angled teeth make sure that it grabs onto your workpiece without wobbling or slipping off. As for adjustment, the pliers feature a push-button function for easier and quicker adjustments.

All in all, with good grip, easy adjustments, and other features, this groove joint pliers set is one of the best the industry has to offer.

  • Push button for quicker adjustments.
  • Angles teeth for a better grip.
  • It somewhat works like a lid tooLong jaws and thin head to work in tighter spaces.
  • High-quality chrome vanadium construction.
  • The handle grips could have been better considering the high price.
  • The handle feels low quality.

10. Keadic Adjustable Groove Joint Pliers Set (3-Piece)



Last on our list; we have Keadic’s groove pliers set. If you want a set of durable, high-quality professional-grade groove pliers, this is a good option for a relatively lower price. There are three groove joint pliers in the package, one 8 inches, one 10 inches, and finally, the largest 12-inch groove joint pliers.

These pliers are made of high-quality hardened carbon steel for a longer life span and survive the wear and tear in extremely harsh work conditions. Another thing that adds up to the excellent build quality is the coating for rust and corrosion prevention.

As per the handles, they are well shaped, long, and come with a non-slip rubber grip. The handles feel comfortable in hand, and because of the rubberized grips, they’ll never slip out of your hand under pressure. Lastly, the length of the handle will allow you to work in deeper and tighter spaces.

This groove joint plier set also deserves compliments for its simple yet effective adjustability setting and good grip. For each plier, the maximum opening size is quite impressive, and because of the jaw rib teeth design, it can hold onto subjects reliably.

For quick size adjustments, these multi-groove adjustable pliers have a seven-speed adjustment mechanism with the jaw joint so that you can cycle through different sizes quickly. With all the benefits at a low price, this one is undoubtedly a pretty appealing package to get.

  • Seven-speed adjustment design for quick size adjustment.
  • Perfect for versatile use.
  • Durable hardened carbon steel build.
  • Special coating for rust prevention.
  • The bigger one sometimes has the issue of stiffness.

Best Tongue and Groove Joint Pliers Set by Brand:

Size: 8-Inch and 10-Inch
Material: Metal
Measurement System: Inch


Size: 8-Inch and 10-Inch
Material: TPR
Country of Origin: China


Size: 6.5″, 9.5″, 12″
Material: ‎High Carbon Steel.
Color: Polished


Size: 7″, 10″ and 12-3/4″
Style: Groove Joint
Country of Origin: USA


Size: 8”, 10” and 12”
Material: Metal
Grip Type: Ergonomic


Size: 8″ and 10″
Material: Carbon Steel
Grip Type: Ergonomic


Size: 8″, 10″ and 12.5″
Material: Alloy Steel
Grip Type: Ergonomic


Size: 7″, 10″ and 12″
Material: Alloy Steel
Measurement System: Metric


Size: 8″, 10″ and 12″
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Size: 8″, 10″, 12″
Material: ‎Hardened Carbon Steel
Grip Type: Ergonomic



Ans: Groove joint pliers are mainly used to tighten a nut, bolt, or pipe. Tightening these things sometimes needs a great deal of strength, and with the pliers, we get to use the maximum strength in our hands. Just grab whatever thing you want to tighten or rotate with the jaws of the plier. The groove joint plier will lock onto the object automatically by adjusting the thickness all by itself, and then you can start tightening by rotating that object with the long handles.

Ans: Not really. As we mentioned before, it’s only used to tighten or rotate things. Groove joint pliers don’t have any sharp edge to cut something, and all the products we mentioned above are solely groove joint pliers set, not a mixed set of various pliers. But if you buy a large set of pliers, there is a chance it has different pliers that can cut things.
Ans: Your groove joint plier can get pretty dirty depending on the different jobs you are doing, especially plumbing. You can definitely wash your groove joint plier, but don’t forget to dry it thoroughly after cleaning to remove the moisturizer. The moisturizer can lead to rust and corrosion in the future. Though most groove joint pliers claim to have rust and corrosion-resistant coating, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The same goes for storing; remove the extra moisture and apply a grease coating before storing it.
Ans: After you bought a new grove joint pliers, you must have noticed how easy and smooth its movement was. With time, groove joint pliers become stiff like any other tool, with moving parts making the plier uncomfortable to use. You can easily get rid of this stiffness by simply applying lubricants on the joint of your groove joint plier. Use any quality lubrication oil, and your plier will work like new again.


After reading our review and the buying guide, we hope choosing the best groove joint pliers is not as hard as before. Although we admit that it’s easy to get blindsided very easily with lots of variety in quality and price.

As you now know the factors you need to consider and how they can affect the plier’s quality and your work, it; easy to narrow the final one down from tons of choices in the market.

You can choose any groove joint pliers set mentioned above; all of them are of excellent quality with a multitude of good reviews from their respective users. So pick any pliers you see fit for your job and budget, and you should be good to go.

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