Best Splatter Screen Reviews 2023.

A splatter guard, commonly known as a splatter screen, is widely used in the kitchen these days. Unfortunately, at our home, we all experience grease buildup on our stovetop, and it isn’t a good sign for our kitchen.

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If you are tired of cleaning the grease or oil stains off your stovetop after every few days, a splatter screen can be a lifesaver for you. Just as the name suggests, a splatter screen prevents food liquids like oil or sauce from splattering and spreading all over the kitchen, causing grease buildup.

This article will discuss some of the best splatter screens you can purchase with a detailed buying and FAQ section to let you know what you should focus on when getting a splatter screen. Let’s begin!


Splatter Screen for Frying Pan

Picture: Splatter Screen for Frying Pan

Buying Guide:

In this buying guide, we discussed the parameters we used to recommend the products for you. Of course, whether you choose from our recommendations is entirely up to you. Still, you’ll know about the factors you should consider to make an informative decision when purchasing a splatter screen.

As a simple piece of the kitchen tool, there is not much to consider actually. Just keep these three factors in mind, and you should easily get a good splatter screen.


Size is an essential factor to consider for easier and efficient splatter screen usage. You might be thinking about buying one large splatter screen so that you can cover multiple sizes of pan or pot with one single splatter screen. However, that idea in practicality might not be as effective as it sounds.

Yes, a large splatter screen can cover big pans, but at the same time, the handling gets more troublesome. So, stay out of the idea of getting one splatter screen. Instead, you can go for multipacks where different sizes of splatter screens are available in one package.

As a splatter screen doesn’t cost much, buying a multipack makes more sense, or else, stick to the size that fits your pan.


When deciding which splatter screen to get, consider the material with importance and time as it’ll make your experience with the splatter funnier and easier. Also, choosing the material depends on what type of food you cook, how big your meals are, and how comfortable you are about the cleaning.

For a mesh splatter screen made of metal, it’s easier to see the food from outside, allows the air to go out, and therefore less risk of overcooking the food. However, they are more likely to get dirty or clogged and take frequent cleaning because of the mesh design.

On the other hand, pierced metal or silicone splatter screens mostly obstruct the view of food, retains moisture, and, therefore, have more chance of overcooking. Lastly, the cleaning is easier than mesh splatter screens. So, now that you know the pros and cons decide which one is good for you.


The handle is a feature that gets overlooked very easily. A splatter screen with a good handle can make it more efficient and useful in the kitchen. With size and material, look out for the handles too. Make sure the handle is made of insulating material.

Also, if you want oven proofing, check out the product manual to see if the handle is oven-proof. Different handles are usually used for splatter screens like the top, side, or log handles to hold the panhandles. All of these are good as long as they meet your need.

Lastly, look for foldable handles. Bigger splatter screens already take up ample space, and combining the handle and storing the screen gets more complicated. In these cases, foldable handles can come in handy.

1. U.S. Kitchen Supply 13″ Stainless Steel Mesh Splatter Screen



With some convenient key features at a relatively low price, the U.S kitchen supply’s 13-inch mesh splatter screen earned the top spot on our list today. Talking about the build first, this splatter screen is made of stainless steel, so it’s completely resistant to rust and corrosion.

The size is pretty ideal to fit on most medium-sized pans used in US households. With feet at the bottom of the splatter screen, you can easily take it off and keep it on the counter without touching the surface. That way, your kitchen counter stays clean too. The handle is pretty standard too.

Though it’s not foldable, it should easily keep your hand off the heat. Apart from being used as a splatter screen, you can also use it to strain water from the food or use it as a cooling rack, another plus side of this splatter screen.

  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The feet at the bottom is an excellent addition.
  • This stainless steel splatter screen is rust proof.
  • The handle could have been better and foldable.