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Best Splatter Screen Reviews 2023.

A splatter guard, commonly known as a splatter screen, is widely used in the kitchen these days. Unfortunately, at our home, we all experience grease buildup on our stovetop, and it isn’t a good sign for our kitchen.

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If you are tired of cleaning the grease or oil stains off your stovetop after every few days, a splatter screen can be a lifesaver for you. Just as the name suggests, a splatter screen prevents food liquids like oil or sauce from splattering and spreading all over the kitchen, causing grease buildup.

This article will discuss some of the best splatter screens you can purchase with a detailed buying and FAQ section to let you know what you should focus on when getting a splatter screen. Let’s begin!


Splatter Screen for Frying Pan

Picture: Splatter Screen for Frying Pan

Buying Guide:

In this buying guide, we discussed the parameters we used to recommend the products for you. Of course, whether you choose from our recommendations is entirely up to you. Still, you’ll know about the factors you should consider to make an informative decision when purchasing a splatter screen.

As a simple piece of the kitchen tool, there is not much to consider actually. Just keep these three factors in mind, and you should easily get a good splatter screen.


Size is an essential factor to consider for easier and efficient splatter screen usage. You might be thinking about buying one large splatter screen so that you can cover multiple sizes of pan or pot with one single splatter screen. However, that idea in practicality might not be as effective as it sounds.

Yes, a large splatter screen can cover big pans, but at the same time, the handling gets more troublesome. So, stay out of the idea of getting one splatter screen. Instead, you can go for multipacks where different sizes of splatter screens are available in one package.

As a splatter screen doesn’t cost much, buying a multipack makes more sense, or else, stick to the size that fits your pan.


When deciding which splatter screen to get, consider the material with importance and time as it’ll make your experience with the splatter funnier and easier. Also, choosing the material depends on what type of food you cook, how big your meals are, and how comfortable you are about the cleaning.

For a mesh splatter screen made of metal, it’s easier to see the food from outside, allows the air to go out, and therefore less risk of overcooking the food. However, they are more likely to get dirty or clogged and take frequent cleaning because of the mesh design.

On the other hand, pierced metal or silicone splatter screens mostly obstruct the view of food, retains moisture, and, therefore, have more chance of overcooking. Lastly, the cleaning is easier than mesh splatter screens. So, now that you know the pros and cons decide which one is good for you.


The handle is a feature that gets overlooked very easily. A splatter screen with a good handle can make it more efficient and useful in the kitchen. With size and material, look out for the handles too. Make sure the handle is made of insulating material.

Also, if you want oven proofing, check out the product manual to see if the handle is oven-proof. Different handles are usually used for splatter screens like the top, side, or log handles to hold the panhandles. All of these are good as long as they meet your need.

Lastly, look for foldable handles. Bigger splatter screens already take up ample space, and combining the handle and storing the screen gets more complicated. In these cases, foldable handles can come in handy.

1. U.S. Kitchen Supply 13″ Stainless Steel Mesh Splatter Screen



With some convenient key features at a relatively low price, the U.S kitchen supply’s 13-inch mesh splatter screen earned the top spot on our list today. Talking about the build first, this splatter screen is made of stainless steel, so it’s completely resistant to rust and corrosion.

The size is pretty ideal to fit on most medium-sized pans used in US households. With feet at the bottom of the splatter screen, you can easily take it off and keep it on the counter without touching the surface. That way, your kitchen counter stays clean too. The handle is pretty standard too.

Though it’s not foldable, it should easily keep your hand off the heat. Apart from being used as a splatter screen, you can also use it to strain water from the food or use it as a cooling rack, another plus side of this splatter screen.

  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The feet at the bottom is an excellent addition.
  • This stainless steel splatter screen is rust proof.
  • The handle could have been better and foldable.

2. BergKoch Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Splatter Screen



This is another great splatter screen with almost the same feature set as the previous one but cost a few bucks less. The feet at the bottom are the highlight feature of this splatter screen. The main reason we use a splatter screen is so that it doesn’t mess up our kitchen.

With the feet keeping the grease splatter screen off the countertop, you no longer have to worry about cleaning up your countertop. Also, because of the mesh design with stainless steel, the splatter screen is rustproof, and you can toss it into the dishwasher whenever you want.

Last but not least, you can use this splatter screen as a strainer and cooling rack too. At a low price point like this, you should expect nothing more than this. As a low-risk choice, try it once. It should satisfy your needs.

  • It can be used as a strainer and cooling rack.
  • Stainless steel build allowing dishwashing.
  • Mesh design let all the steam out, preventing overcooking.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Feet at the bottom to keep it off the counter.
  • It gets discolored easily with brown stains.

3. Homestia Grease Splatter Screen



Homestia’s splatter screen is a great option to keep your counter and stovetop clean. The first thing you’ll notice about this splatter screen is the flexibility in size choices. You have three different size choices available and a combo pack combining all there.

So, regardless of the pan size, Homestia has got you covered. This splatter screen has a mesh design made of stainless steel, allowing easier cleaning, dishwashing, and rust prevention. In addition, the handle of this splatter screen is somewhat unusual yet practical and effective.

Unlike handles at the side, the handle is on top and stays flat with the splatter screen when folded. So, the splatter screen is pretty well balanced and easier to handle. It also takes a lot less space with the handle not sticking out of the screen itself.

  • Unique handle design allows practical handling and storage.
  • Stainless steel provides rust-resistance and dishwashing approval.
  • Different size options to choose from.
  • Mesh design that allows temperature and steam release.
  • No feet at the bottom to keep it off the surface when taken off.

4. Kitchenistic Splatter Screen with Soft Grip TPR Handle



Another familiar splatter screen from Kitchenistic. This particular splatter screen, too, has the same feature set as the previous one at a reasonable price. Firstly, the mesh design gives the food better breathability, so the food doesn’t get overcooked.

The mesh design also allows the splatter screen to be used as a strainer too. Next up, stainless steel material prevents rust buildup, so you can toss it into the dishwasher without worrying. This splatter screen has a diameter of 13 inches, a moderate size that should cover multiple pans at your house.

There is a black handle made of insulated black plastic to save your hand from the excessive heat of the metal body. A hook at the end of the handle allows you to hang it on the wall wherever you want. This frying splatter screen also has feet underneath, so you can place it without the messy side touching your counter.

  • It comes with feet to hold it off the counter.
  • Hanging hole with the handle of convenient storage.
  • Multipurpose use as strainer and cooling counter.
  • Good quality at a low price.
  • It gets discolored over time.
  • The handle can be improved.

5. Kristie’s Kitchen Stainless Steel Splatter Guard for Frying Pan



This splatter screen set for Kristie’s kitchen comes with a unique design that makes the user experience effective and fun. Unlike the first three entries on our list, you can buy in only a set, which can be good or bad depending on your situation.

If you use multiple pans while cooking very often, this set can be a handy tool. Made from stainless steel, the mesh design with a fine weave brings many benefits to the table. For example, finer 60 mesh does a great job of preventing splattering, and stainless steel provides better rust prevention.

The splatter screen for frying works more like a lid with a heat-resistant knob handle on top. So, the splatter fits perfectly right on top of your pan, and storing the splatter screen is easier, too, without bulky handles at the side. When the need arises, you can also use it as a fat drainer or pot strainer.

  • Great multifunctional use.
  • Stainless steel provides rust proofing and safety against dishwashing.
  • The center knob at the middle provides easy handling and storage.
  • Finer 60 mesh for better functionality.
  • Gets overheated quickly.
  • It doesn’t offer single units.

6. WKCXX Slided Splatter Screen for Frying Pan



Unlike any other splatter screen we commonly use, this platter screen is way bigger, has a different shape, and most noticeably, protects the whole stove rather than a single pan at a time. In addition, instead of using stainless steel mesh or silicon build, WKCXX decided to use a square-shaped foldable solid stainless steel build for this splatter screen.

As the body is a solid steel sheet, there is nothing where food can get stuck, so it’s super easy to clean. Just wipe it with dishwashing liquid and a piece of the scrubber, and you are good to go. This unit comes in four sizes and costs a little more than the regular splatter screen we use.

However, as this splatter screen protects the whole stove, it’s worth the extra cost too. Though it’s big and has an unusual shape, don’t worry about the size because it becomes relatively small to carry and use when you fold all four parts. All the edges are protected with silica gel, so there is no chance of cutting or scratching your hands too.

  • It covers a lot of ground as a single splatter screen.
  • Foldable design makes the size almost four times smaller.
  • Solid stainless steel provides rust prevention and easy cleaning.
  • Four different sizes to choose from according to your stove.
  • The unusual large design doesn’t look pretty in the kitchen.
  • Some people might complain about the weight.

7. KitchenAid Gourmet Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen



Until this point, we tried to introduce as much as variety possible in our list. In continuation to that, we are introducing KitchedAid’s odor-absorbing splatter screen. The odor absorption is one particular feature that helped this splatter screen earn a place on our list.

This KitchenAid splatter screen has an innovative design with a patented and activated carbon filter that absorbs the odor from different smelly foods, e.g., seafood, without affecting other foods cooked afterward.

The splatter screen is 13 inches in diameter, so it should fit all the pans a little smaller than 13 inches. It has a simple long handle at the side with a hanging hole at the end. You can hang the splatter screen anywhere you want. Lastly, stainless steel made it rustproof and dishwasher safe, which adds up to the feature list of this already excellent splatter screen for cooking.

  • Odor absorption alone makes this product worth trying.
  • Compatibility with most belts.
  • Rustproof and dishwasher safe because of stainless steel.
  • It comes with multiple layers of fine mesh to minimize oil splatter.
  • Hanging hole with the handle to hang anywhere in the kitchen.
  • No feet at the bottom.
  • It doesn’t have the usual breathability of regular mesh splatter screens.

8. Smartware’s Microwave Spatter Screen



This splatter screen from Smartware stands out from the other options on our list due to its ability to work in microwave ovens. Made from highly durable eco-friendly plastic, this microwave splatter screen is manufactured with strict quality control in the US.

Unlike other microwave covers, it has a mesh design that keeps the food moist, reduces cooking time, and allows the food to vent the steam away, preparing healthy food. In addition, this splatter screen is completely flat and flexible. The plastic dots by the edges are just heavy enough to hold the screen in place.

So anything greasy, tomato or oil base foods, you name it, nothing splatters through this splatter screen. The cleaning is pretty straightforward too. Just hold the splatter screen under running water in the sink and give it a slight rub; the water flow will clean any grease or food that remains easily.

  • You can fold it just like cloth and store it anywhere.
  • Provides excellent splatter protection for the money.
  • Cleaning this splatter screen is pretty easy.
  • Stain resistance keeps it looking new for a long time.
  • The edges look pretty unpolished and ragged.
  • Sags in the middle when used with bigger pots.

9. YRVHCK Silicone Splatter Screen for Frying Pan



Enough about mesh steel splatter screen. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional steel, this silicon splatter can be an excellent choice for you. To begin with, this splatter screen has a heat resistance of up to 440 °F.

The heat resistant number should assure you if you are worried about how a silicone splatter screen might hold up compared to a steel one. As discussed before, silicone splatter screens tend to collect much less grease than mesh ones, and this silicone splatter screen from YRVHCK is no different.

As they collect less grease, the cleaning is pretty easy too. Just wipe the splatter screen after every use, or even better, just put it inside a dishwasher and keep it clean.

If you decide to get this splatter screen, remember, silicone splatter screen doesn’t allow as much venting as a mesh one. So, keep in mind what type of food you intended to cook while using this splatter screen.

  • Easy cleaning by hand and dishwasher.
  • It comes with two-scale towels to wipe off steam and grease.
  • It somewhat works like a lid too.
  • Great value for money.
  • Traps steam inside, which can be an issue for some.
  • The handle feels low quality.

10. Frywall 10 inch Splatter Guard



In our attempt to introduce all the common styles of splatter screen available, we end our list with a collapsible splatter guard from Frywall. These collar style splatters screens might seem a little unusual to many but access to food it provides all the time during cooking is far better than a mesh or silicon over the top splatter screen.

In case you are worried about the material, this splatter screen is BPA-free and at the same time approved by FDA. Also, as a simple silicone sheet shaped as a collar or cones, there is no surface where the oil or grease can stick. So, that makes the cleaning less effortless overall.

Just one thing you need to be careful about here is the pan size. As it sits on the pan as a collar and cone, purchasing one without matching the sizes of both the pan and splatter screen can be troublesome. Apart from that, the unhinged protection combined with access to food makes it an appealing option to many.

  • Provides unmatched access to food at all time.
  • Solid silicon sheet is easier to clean.
  • Easy to store because of the foldable design.
  • The installation on the pan can be tricky.
  • It doesn’t fit without a pan of the exact size.

Best Splatter Screen by Brand:

Size: 13″, 11.5″, 9.5″.
Dishwasher Safe.
Storage Friendly.

U.S. Kitchen

Sizes: 9.5″, 11.5″, 13″, 15″.
Dishwasher Safe.


Sizes: 10″, 11.5″, 13″.
Dishwasher Safe.
Food Grade Quality.


13″ Splatter Screen.
Soft Grip Handle.
Dishwasher Safe.


Sizes: 8”, 9.8”, 13”.
Rust Free Stainless Steel.
Ultra Fine Mesh Lids.

Kristie’s Kitchen

2/3/4 Panels.
Nonstick Stainless Steel.
Grease Splatter Screen


Size: 13-Inch.
Gourmet Odor Absorbing.
Dishwasher Safe.


13″ Spatters Screen.
Mesh Eliminators.


13” Grease Splatter Screen.
Dishwasher Safe.
Heat Resistant.


Silicone Splatter Guard.
Fits for 10″ Pan.
Dishwasher Safe.



Ans: Among different materials used to build splatter screens, mesh and silicon are the two most common ones out there. The choice is pretty subjective in this case and comes down to personal preference. Both these materials have their own set of benefits.

Mesh splatter screens are usually inexpensive, gives the food more breathing space and more breathing space but, at the same time, a little trickier to clean. On the other hand, silicon splatter screens cost a few bucks more, are easier to clean, and offer better food access. The downside with silicon is that it almost works like a pan cover so that the food might get overcooked.

Ans: The splatter screen does a great job of keeping your kitchen clean. While doing the splatter, it ends up being dirty in the process. Regular cleaning is the key to keep your splatter guard in the best possible condition and as efficient as before.

Ideally, there are two ways you can use to clean the splatter screen at home. The first one is pretty straightforward, using the dishwasher. Just make sure the splatter screen you have is dishwasher proof. Check the user manual or product description for this info.

The second way, which may need a little time and hands, is more effective. If you are not sure or don’t trust the dishwasher proofing, the good old manual cleaning is the way to go.

Ans: The answer to this question depends on the splatter screen you intend to use in the oven. Sometimes, the actual working part of the screen is resistant to high heat, but the handle is not, which might ruin the splatter screen in the oven.

Material-wise, the rule of thumb is, you can use the screens made of stainless steel, silicon, or using both. Don’t use anything with wooden or plastic handles. On top of everything, check out the product specifications for info about oven usage.


If you have never used a splatter screen before, let us tell you that this kitchen tool is an absolute necessity when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean. Apart from cleanliness, a splatter screen also brings safety features to the table by preventing hot water or oil from spilling on your hands and wrists.

Therefore, all the splatter screens we recommended here should serve you just fine. Just pick one according to the budget, size, and material of our choice. Furthermore, if you want to look for something outside our best splatter screen reviews, we hope our buying guide will show you the right path for choosing the splatter screen best suited for you.

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