Hose Grip Pliers Uses and Benefits.

Whenever you have to work with hoses, the best tool for a hose grip plier, you can use the tool to maintain different kinds of stockings without damaging them. By support, I mean removing or installing them on whatever device you are using them.

For those who have no idea about what hose grip pliers are like, I am here to help. I will go through a bit of the overview of the tool to get an idea. I will also give you a little insight into using the device for your needs.

Let’s get started without wasting further time.

Hose Grip Pliers

Image: Hose Grip Pliers

What are hose grip pliers?

The hose grip pliers are the kinds of pliers you can use to work with hoses. You can use this plier just like a regular plier and get a hose in or out of places without any trouble whatsoever. You can work with all kinds of stockings like the ones you get in a vacuum line or a heater. You can even use this on fuel lines.

When you take a look at the hose grip pliers, you can see the basic shape of a plier on there. The only difference is at the top. It has a small grip that makes a small circular shape when the pliers are closed. These are also called grabber jaws.

Hose Grip Pliers

Image: Hose grip pliers

The shape is one of a kind only for not damaging the hoses. Also, there is a difference between a hose grip plier and a hose clamp plier. The hose grip plier is all about getting a grip on the hose. At the same time, the hose clamp plier focuses on holding the spring clamps on a hose.

There is nothing to worry about using this tool because you don’t need to be an expert to use this. The whole thing is pretty straightforward, unlike the hose clamp plier. You won’t have difficulty figuring out how to use this one.

Still, to help you out a little, I will go through the basic steps you can follow to use the tool. Let’s get going.

How to use hose grip pliers?

There aren’t many steps that you need to follow for using a hose grip plier. It’s as straightforward as using a regular plier. Here’s how you do it –

Image: How to use hose grip pliers

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • The first thing is to get your hose ready for the job. You have to loosen it a little bit before even using the hose grip plier.
  • After that, all you have to do is grip the hose and twist it. Depending on the direction and how you turn, you will either get the hose on or off.
  • When you have it off, twisting the hose on the inner side gets it on. And if you want to take it off, you turn the hose on the outer side.
  • That’s pretty much how you use hose grip pliers.

It’s a great tool when you have to work with smaller components. Let’s check out where you can use this tool and who can get a lot out of it.

Where to use the hose grip pliers?

  • Simply put, whenever you are working with hoses, you can use this tool. When I say hose, many people will picture garden hoses. But that’s not the case here.
  • With a hose grip plier, you can even work on the spark plug hoses that tend to be relatively small. Having a hose grip plier makes the whole thing much easier for you. So, an auto mechanic can get a lot of use from a hose grip plier.
  • You can use the hose pliers to work on items that come with hoses. Common instances are vacuum lines, fuel lines, heater hoses, etc. While it’s not compulsory to have a hose grip plier, it indeed makes working with a hose much easier than you would expect.

Buying Guide of Hose Grip Pliers:

It’s straightforward to get confused when you buy a hose grip plier, especially when you don’t know anything about the whole thing.

The first thing to consider is the different sizes available to you. These pliers usually come as a set of 3. You will get three different sizes of pliers here. The standard measurements are 3/8, 1/2, and ¾ inches.

The next thing is the material of the plier. Well, it’s evident that the tool is metal, but you should go for a durable and robust metal. Carbon steel or alloy steel is a pretty popular choice in this case.

As for the prices, they can be both expensive or cheap. Does that make a difference? I don’t think it makes much of a difference other than the durability factor. You still get the same functionality on both of them. Some may come with additional features for a different price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hose Grip Pliers:

There are some significant advantages of having this tool in your arsenal. Especially when you have to work with vacuum lines or heater hoses. And there are very few disadvantages that don’t typically cause any performance issues with the tool.

Advantages of the Hose Grip Pliers:

There are many advantages that you get from using a hose grip plier. Let’s check them out quickly.

  • The tool is excellent for gripping hoses in tight spaces.
  • It makes getting hoses on or off much easier.
  • Working with hoses on smaller components brings quicker.
  • They come with comfortable grips most of the time to avoid fatigue.
  • You don’t need any experience to use this tool.
  • There aren’t any complicated parts of using this tool.

Disadvantages of Hose Grip Pliers:

Even though there aren’t many disadvantages to list out, still you should know about these, if they bother you.

  • The excellent quality tools can get quite expensive at times.
  • There aren’t many versatile uses to this tool.


In short, anyone who works with hoses must have this hose grip plier. This is the tool you will need, especially if you have access to hoses in tight spaces.

Does everyone need this tool? Typically, professional mechanics and people who have to deal with many hoses can get used out of this tool.

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