The best part about this investment is that you can use it anywhere and everywhere! Staple guns have saved me from an endless pricey rabbit hole of professional help and other hefty devices.

Thus, I’m here to tell you why you should own a staple gun and why this is the ultimate jackpot for all job professionals and DIY-ers.

What Is A Staple Gun?

Speaking strictly from prior and current experience, staple guns are yet another most incredible creation by humanity. Powered staples, otherwise known as staple guns, are hand-held machines utilized in stapling masonry, plastic, or wood together. These heavy metal staples come in handy to affix diverse materials and various applications such as crafting, upholstery, carpeting, wiring, roofing, house wrap, and insulation.

Types of Staple Gun:

Generally, staple guns are classified into three kinds, pneumatic, electric and manual. In all of these staple guns, the significant difference is in the power source.

Manual Staple Gun
Manual Staple Gun

Images: Manual Staple Guns

How To Use A Staple Gun Step By Step Guide?

Mostly all the various types of staple guns are installed and utilized in the same manner. Keep reading to know how I loaded and used the staple gun for fencing and other DIYs that you can tailor quickly. Furthermore, doing it all by yourself will also save you a ton of money. Yay!

Loading The Stapler Gun:

  • Step 1– Locate the colored latch at the rear of the staple gun. Press down the latch to release the body of the gun.

  • Step 2– Remove the back pain or tray out by squeezing the release button.
  • Step 3– Load the tray with the metal staples. All the staples must be aligned and leveled with the carrier.
  • Step 4– Close down the body and make sure you hear it click. When the carriage gets appropriately locked with the body, it must make a clicking noise.

Using The Stapler Gun:

  • Step 1– Let’s say you’re employing the staple gun for wires; now, all you have to do is level out the surface of your tool with the wood or wire and put pressure on the trigger.

    How much pressure is needed to squeeze this trigger? Good question. However, the answer is simple. The kind of staple gun you’re using plays a vital role in deciding how much pressure is needed. Needless to say, they’re all standard and don’t require immense power.

    But to paint a clearer picture, manual staple guns require a tad more pressure than electric ones.

    And voila! You’re done. From these straightforward steps, you can tell that whether you’re adopting a staple gun for electrical wire, a staple gun for upholstery, wood, or any other crafty design, make sure you refer the tool to your mode and character of DIY. All three staple guns have specific usage; hence, use them wisely.

Why Should You Use A Staple Gun?

It would be an understatement to say that staple guns are helpful. Its multi-diverse usage is exemplary. Moreover, adapting staple gun for woods alone can be eyebrow-raising, but the best news is that your house can look as seamless as ever with this gadget.

These tools are great for putting together roofing, subfloors, construction works, furniture, upholstery, and so much more. To this date, I have never been dissatisfied by its versatility. This can be your ultimate investment for prolonged service.

Any crafter or hobbyist would be in dire need of these tools to wrap up their household fixes and DIYs. Safe to say, you’ll be putting your money in the right basket as these are incredibly easy to use, saves you a ton of time and money too. You’ll never need to pay an arm and a leg for professional help ever again!

Advantages Of Adjustable A Staple Gun:

Trust me, for the numerous and countless times you’ve tripped on your untamed flooring or carpet, you wouldn’t believe how quickly staple guns could fix that. Here are some of the benefits on why you should own a staple gun.

  • Not only can you install carpets but, you can also re-tack them when necessary.
  • Sometimes, your sleep cycle needs a soundproof room where you can have a seamless sleep. Staple guns can penetrate through walls and concrete. Thus, soundproofing your house is now a viable option.
  • As staple guns can work tirelessly on various fabrics, wood, foam, and leather, their finishes are spotless. If you need a creaseless polish on your DIYs, this will be your go-to buddy.
  • Here’s another secret that I’ve found out during my journey with a staple gun. You can insert nails with this tool too. Yes, it will truly serve you the outstanding value.
  • Staple guns are an incredible alternative instead of drilling. If you need minor fixes around your windows, doors, or panels, trust a staple gun to complete the job.
  • Investing in a staple gun is worth all your buck as it can tailor to your needs quickly. Even for significant projects, you can rely on staple guns and ditch the hardy hammer and drilling machines to construct fences, tiles, or wires from scratch. While hammers and drills require a lot more effort and power to run and maneuver, staple guns are not the same story.
  • After owning a staple gun, I’ve realized that the costs of professional help and other machinery can be eradicated. As you utilize this all-rounder, handy tool, you can toss the idea of taking professional service now and then. And, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on multiple supplies.

Disadvantages Of Adjustable A Staple Gun:

Just like any other product, staple guns come with a few drawbacks too. I’m here to reveal the demerits that you must know before you start using a staple gun.

  • All three kinds of staple guns have specific jobs to accomplish. Hence, starting a DIY or construction work with any staple gun right off the bat would be a terrible idea. For example, manual staple guns are only great for low-intensity work such as crafts, housework, etc.

    Needless to say, trying to pinch down wires or flooring would not give you your desired results with the manual staple guns.

  • Additionally, some say that in comparison, manual staple guns require a tad bit more effort than the other two versions. So, if you’re in it to give all your strength and power, then manual guns shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Often you will notice that the staple guns get jammed. While pressing down on the device consistently during a project, it’s generic for the staples sometimes to get stuck in between the process. This could lengthen your task period but not drastically.
  • Electric staple guns are somewhat on the higher price end. Moreover, if you utilize electric guns, make sure that you have a spot-on, accurate aim. As electric guns are mostly used in larger projects, precision is a must-have.
  • Even though pneumatic staple guns are great for heavy-duty construction work, they can be very loud while operating.


Here are some common questions regarding staple guns-

Ans: When a single component of the staple gun is worn out or broken, the device will refrain from operating correctly. If you face issues with your staple gun, check the rail, hammer, and spring compartments carefully. If they’re undamaged and safely secured, you should refer the sizes and types of the staple pins to the tools themselves. Make sure to insert staples that are only appropriate for the staple gun in use.
Ans: If the staples are jammed inside, you can use any sharp object like needle-nosed pliers, flathead screwdrivers, scissors, or tweezers to pinch it from the bottom. You can try nudging the jammed staple’s prongs to loosen it up.
Ans: A few heavy-duty staplers in the market can staple around a hundred to two hundred sheets of paper together. Moreover, these heavy-duty staplers can also punch through cardboard sheets.


All you have to do now is take a pick depending on your mode of craft. Let’s all rejoice in the blessings of multi-functional staple guns, which can let you score the Pinterest craft that you’ve been trying to execute at home or the carpet in your house that needs your immediate attention.

Let’s get to work!

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