Why Canvas Pliers are Useful?

If you work with many canvases, I suggest getting a canvas plier. Having a canvas plier will make your job of working with canvases infinitely easier now; if you don’t know anything about them, no need to worry.

Here, I will take you through all you should know about Canvas pliers and the benefits of using them. I will also try to guide you through the primary usage of the pliers. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get going with it right away.

Canvas Pliers

Image: Canvas Pliers

What is the canvas pliers?

Canvas plier is the kind of plier that meets the particular need of stretching canvases onto the stretcher bars. You can’t even think of stretching your canvases on bare hands. And most other tools don’t work that well for this purpose either.

Besides stretching canvases, it’s also suitable for providing a better grip on the canvas. It helps in getting leverage on the stretches bars and results in getting a tighter canvas.

So, it’s a great tool to have specifically for stretching canvases. As an artist working with canvases, you might want to check this out for sure.

Canvas Pliers

Image: Canvas Pliers

How to use canvas pliers to stretch canvases?

Using a canvas plier is pretty straightforward. You don’t need to go through a lot of hassle in using it neither you need any experience. Yes, a bit of strength can help out a lot.

Here’s how you use a canvas plier for stretching your canvases.

Image: How to Use Canvas Pliers

  • The first thing to do is, place the stretcher on top of your canvas. Then, fold the canvas towards the stretcher.
  • While doing so, you can use the canvas pliers to grab the canvas and pull it towards the stretcher. Using the plier makes sure the tightness and pressure are correctly done.
  • Next up, you have to use a metal stapler and put a staple at the center of the folded part on your canvas. Do this for all four sides.
  • Then, you have to work towards the corner of the canvases from the center part where you stapled. You have to follow the same process of using the canvas pliers to pull the canvases, so the tightness is still there on the canvas.
  • Once you staple the corners, you will have some extra canvas parts. Simply cut them off and staple the rest.

Now, using the canvas plier is crucial in this method. Otherwise, you can’t get that tightness in the canvas and will have waves here and there. So, when you start your painting, the whole thing will be much more complex and troublesome for you.

Another thing to consider here is the size of the canvas plier. You have to make sure you choose the correct size for the particular canvas and stretcher bars you are working with. There are various sizes, so it depends on which one you are using.

Advantages of using Canvas Pliers:

There are several advantages of using canvas pliers over anything else for specifically stretching canvases. Yes, there are other tools that you can use for the purpose, but they don’t work as well as a canvas plier will. So, let’s check out the benefits you get from using canvas pliers over anything else.

They require less force:

When you use canvas pliers over bare hands or any other tool, you don’t need to put too much force into stretching them. You can get the required tightness from the canvas from the simplest pull, and almost anyone can do it.

Stretching canvases get easier:

As I said earlier, the whole process of stretching canvases becomes much easier with a canvas plier. You don’t need to go through a lot of trouble to stretch the canvas properly and make it work.

All you do is pull on the canvas using the plier and staple them; that’s it. The grip you get using canvas pliers is something that no other tool can provide you.

Saves time:

Using a canvas plier will surely save up a lot of your time. Since you won’t struggle to get that tightness on the canvas, you can easily make it work with the least amount of time needed. The whole thing gets done very quickly.

Keeps the canvas unharmed:

Often, when you use regular pliers or other tools for stretching canvases, you may end up damaging them.

But with canvas pliers, you will never have to worry about that issue. They have a design that fits the purpose of stretching canvases explicitly. So, they don’t damage your canvas in any way.

Now, it’s not just about advantages with these pliers; there are some drawbacks you may come across as well. Let’s go through them quickly.

Disadvantages with Canvas Pliers:

Here are the disadvantages that come with canvas pliers-

They aren’t multipurpose:

The only purpose you can use canvas pliers for us is stretching canvases. There is no other use of this tool. So, you are essentially buying this tool only for stretching canvas.

You will need different ones for different canvas sizes:

There are plenty of different sizes for canvases. If you work with varying canvas sizes, you will need a different canvas plier for each size. Now, this can get costly for some.

However, the drawbacks aren’t that big of a deal. Sure, this can be an issue for someone who rarely uses canvas and will need a canvas plier. But for someone who does this regularly, these aren’t even a concern at all.


To sum up, as a professional artist, it’s almost compulsory that you have canvas pliers at your place for stretching canvases. They not only make stretching canvases much simpler but also save up a lot of your time in stretching them.

Along with that, you won’t be damaging many canvases with improper tools. But for those who don’t work with a lot of canvases, this might not be necessary but surely helpful. So, if you don’t have any issue with spending on a tool that particularly works for stretching canvases, you should go for it without any second thoughts at all.

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