Best Leather Tape Measure Holder Reviews.

As a commonly used tool, tape measure holder come in different varieties, and choosing one from them can be pretty tricky.

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If your work involves the use of tape measure, you are probably familiar with the disturbing experience of tape measure falling off again and again from your hand. But with a tape measure holder, you can quickly get rid of that experience.

As a commonly used tool, tape measure holder come in different varieties, and choosing one from them can be pretty tricky. To help you out, we prepared this article for you with some of the best leather tape measure holders in the market. Additionally, the buying guide will inform you about the factors you should look for in a tape measure holder. Let’s begin.


Leather Tape Measure Holder

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Buying Guide:

A tape measure holder is already something simple enough to understand. Additionally, they don’t cost much either. Still, to get the best value out of whatever money you are spending, you should consider some primary factors. It’ll help you get a suitable tape measure holder which can last for years to come.


Here, by size, we are referring to the space available in the chamber. A tape measure holder and the tape measure itself come in various shapes and sizes. If the holder you choose has a room or pouch-like design, make sure it fits the tape measure you’ll carry around.


The longevity of your tape measure holder depends on the material for the most part. Leather, nylon, and polyester are among the most common materials used for tape measure holders. All these three materials have their benefits as well as disadvantages too.

In terms of looks, leather should be your first choice. But leather-made holders also cost more, and most of them are not resistant to water. On the other hand, polyester and nylon have similar qualities, they might not look good, but they cost less than leather and tear and are weather-resistant for the most part. So get your priorities straight and go for the material that suits your need.

Belt Slot:

The belt slot is essential because, without the right size, you can’t wear the holder on your belt. Whether it’s casual or work belt, make sure the width of the strap matches the belt slot’s size.

There are typically two types of belts slots out there, one is the loop style, and the other is the clip. Though the loop style is more available, we think the clip is more beneficial. Unlike a loop, you can attach a clip holder without taking off the belt.


This one is only applicable if your measure tape holder has a pouch design. Make sure that the holder you are purchasing has a closure or fastener at the front. Velcro or snap fastener, any of these two will do the job. Without a closure, there is always a chance that your tape measure might fall off the holder chamber.

1. Occidental Leather Tape Measure Holder & Knife Holder



Occidental is a famous name in the tool holster field, and all of their products come pretty well finished. If you are looking for a tape holder that would also give you a bit extra, this 5047 tape measure holster from Occidental is the right choice for you. Because with the tape measure, you are getting a knife holder too.

This tape and knife holder is manufactured in the US to ensure the maximum maturing quality, maintaining strict quality control. In addition, this holder is made of high-quality leather, and it can easily accommodate up to 30 feet of measuring tape.

You can also carry necessary tools for your work like pliers instead of a knife in that holder if you want. Behind the tape holder, there are two chambers where you can carry pencils too. It might cost a little extra, but the level of versatility it provides is fantastic.

  • High-quality leather build.
  • Knife and pencil holder.
  • Ample space for any 30 feet measuring tapes.
  • No closure for the measuring tape chamber.
  • Not for people carrying more than 30 feet of tape.