Silicone Trivets Uses and Benefits.

How many types have you damaged your dining table with a hot cup of coffee on it? It’s a disaster that you should avoid at all costs. While there are many things you can use to protect the surfaces from heat, silicone trivets seem to be quite a good choice among them.

Now, if you know nothing about them, then stick with me till the end. I will take you through a little guide on the silicone trivets’ uses and the benefits of using them over anything else. So, let’s get going without wasting further time.

Best Silicone Trivets

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Uses of Silicone Trivets:

First, let’s check out the different uses of silicone trivets, and let me tell you other types of trivets can’t give you some of these uses. Anyways, here it goes.

1. For protecting table and kitchen surfaces:

This is the primary use of any trivet. You can keep hot pots or jars on the trivet to protect your kitchen surfaces or dining tables from the heat of those pots. The trivets work like a barrier and consume all the heat coming off the pot.

With a silicone trivet on the table, you don’t need to worry about anything at all. You can bring that bowl of hot soup and keep it on top of the trivet. It will never let your dining table get affected whatsoever.

2. Having trouble opening the jar? Use the trivet:

You can use your silicone trivet as a jar opener, and you can’t do this with any other type of trivet. Silicone trivets are usually flexible, so that you can use them as gloves for better grip. Also, because of the pattern on the silicone trivets, you get a better grip than your bare hands. So, everything works out when you have to open the jar using them.

3. Do small tasks need a palette? You have got the trivet:

When you are crafting items, whether for fun or professionally, you will need to use some items that get hot. For example, a glue gun can be beneficial for your projects, but they get hot. So, when you leave them without any protection, you may damage the surfaces of your workstation.

What you can do there is, use the trivet to hold the gun for you. This way, you won’t be damaging your workstation in any way. And you can do this for any item that gets hot while working.

Image: Silicone Trivets Uses

4. Resting pad for electronic appliances:

Whether it’s iron for clothes, a hairdryer, or a curling iron, they get hot when you use them. And you can’t just use them constantly; you have to let them rest in between. Leaving them on the table will damage the surface further, so what do you do?

You use the silicone trivet as a resting platform for these items. This keeps the surfaces safe as well as your hands from any accidents. And it works out perfectly for you.

5. Seats, are you too hot? Use the trivet:

Commonly, the seats of your car will get too hot during summer. There is nothing you can do about it either. So, the best course of action is to take a silicone trivet along with you and sit on that.

This will protect your bottom from getting any heat, and you will have no discomfort at all. Also, silicone trivets are so flexible that you tuck them on the dashboard when you get off the car. Now, that’s a hack you will surely try out when it’s too hot.

5. Does the phone keep slipping? Not anymore:

Mobile phones these days are so delicate. As soon as they slip and fall, the screen cracks inevitably. And if you don’t want that to happen, you have to do something about that slipping.

While working in the kitchen and keeping your phone on slippery ceramic surfaces, it will fall sooner or later. So, use the silicone trivet and keep your phone on that. You will never have to worry about the phone slipping because silicone comes with the best friction and grip you can ask for your phone.

Well, there are several other uses you can get from the silicone trivets. It depends on your creative mind how you want to use it. But these were some common uses that you can get out of the silicone trivets.

Benefits of using silicone trivets over others:

Now, there are several other types of trivets that you can find out there. Such as glass, steel, cork trivets, and fabric as well. Even with all these options, silicone trivets can be your best bet because of the following benefits.

  • Unlike glass, ceramic, or steel trivets, silicon trivets don’t get too hot even after long. It does get hot but not to the point that it can damage the surface.
  • Silicone trivets are much more flexible than other types of trivets. This helps in serving multiple purposes with the trivets for you.
  • With silicone trivets, you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning. It’s very easy to clean silicone trivets as they are non-stick. Even if you spill something, you can clean it up pretty easily.
  • There is no worry of breaking your silicone trivet. With a ceramic or glass trivet, you will always have to worry about breaking them.
  • Silicone trivets have a better value than any trivets. It gives you great protection, it lasts for a long time, it’s multipurpose, and it comes at an affordable price.


In short, getting silicone trivets for your kitchen and table surfaces is an investment you should make. It has got a lot of benefits over other types of trivets. And as you saw all the uses of silicone trivets, you are not limited to using them only in your kitchen.

Altogether, silicone trivets can become the handiest item you have in your kitchen, whether it’s to protect the surfaces or do some jar opening. You have all the options open.

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